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Basic Life Support Training Successfully Conducted at IPT Karak

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a three-day Basic Life Support (BLS) training program at the Institute of Petroleum Technology (IPT) Karak. This engaging and informative workshop, led by experts from Rescue 1122 Karak and Civil Defense Karak, aimed to equip participants with essential life-saving skills.

Key Highlights:

  • Instructor Expertise: The training was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Training Wing Incharge (Rescue 1122 Karak) and Civil Defense Karak team, ensuring participants received top-notch instruction and guidance.
  • Duration: Over the course of three days, attendees delved into the fundamentals of Basic Life Support, gaining valuable insights into emergency response techniques.
  • Host Institution: IPT Karak served as the ideal venue for this crucial training, providing a conducive environment for learning and skill development.
  • Objective: The primary goal of this comprehensive training was to raise awareness among students about basic life support techniques. Participants gained valuable insights and practical knowledge to respond effectively in emergency situations, potentially saving lives.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants specially Rescue 1122 Karak & Civil Defense Karak for their active engagement and commitment during the training sessions. The success of this program reinforces our dedication to fostering a culture of safety and preparedness within the IPT Karak community.

For future updates on similar training initiatives and other educational endeavors, stay tuned to the IPT Karak website.

Thank you for your participation and commitment to enhancing life-saving capabilities.

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