The energy and power department to execute a federal government-funded Rs2 billion project for the establishment of the Institute of Petroleum Technology in Karak district. Federal government would provide Rs2 billion for putting up the institute under the Public Sector Development Program, while the provincial government would offer land and execute the project.

Officials said the federal government had formally asked the provincial government many times to initiate work on the establishment of the much-needed petroleum technology institute in the oil and gas rich Karak.

According to the official documents, the institute will have two main components, including diploma training institute with allied labs and workshops and short courses for skill development.

The institute will provide three years diploma technical education in drilling technology, petroleum (production and processing) technology, electrical and instrument technology and mechanical technology.

Besides, the consultant will also recommend any discipline other than mentioned above falling in the purview of energy, oil and gas sector.

The institute will provide vocational training to matriculates and under matriculates to learn through dedicated short-term courses from three to six months and dedicated training relevant to the industry to the young engineers, technicians and operators.

The oil and gas exploration and production in southern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of the country are contributing to higher industrial and economic activities, which require skilled workforce for its operation and maintenance.

In this connection, there will be enormous demand for the skilled workforce including engineers, technicians and operators which will be trained in the Institute of Petroleum Technology, Karak.