Project Director Message

Project Director Message

Mohsin ul Mulk

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to introduce Institute of Petroleum (IPT) Karak, which is striving hard for academic excellence and upholding the highest standards of technical education in Oil and Gas Sector. The aim is to contribute in achieving the Government of Pakistan commitment to generate 30,000 MW by the year 2025 through diversified means including Oil & Gas and the Government of KP production targets of 200,000 BPD oil, 2,000 MMCFD gas, and 3,000 TPD LPG. To achieve these targets, there is need of investment in capacity building of local human resource and generation of skilled work force where currently there is no formal institute in KP to generate skilled technicians and drillers required for Oil & Gas production sector. In this regard, a project “Establishment of Institute of Petroleum Technology (IPT) Karak” is initiated under PSDP funding of Finance Division, Govt. of Pakistan and is executed by Energy & Power Department, Government of KP via KPOGCL in close collaboration with KP TEVTA. The broader objective is to address the real time issue of non-availability of local skilled technicians required for the operations of the Oil and Gas sector of the country and of KP in particular.

Institute of Petroleum Technology (IPT) Karak is one of the youngest institute established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan which is offering technical education and research opportunities in the field of core technologies related to Oil & Gas sector. The institute labs are to be equipped with state of the art equipment and machinery required for producing skilled work force of technicians and mechanics. IPT has developed field level coordination with the Oil and Gas sector exploration and production companies currently engaged in the Southern Districts of KP to get benefit of transforming on job technical skills to the students of IPT through field demonstrations. The Institute shall be focusing to bridge Academia and Industry to target the training issues of technicians and mid-level staff of the Oil & Gas sector.

I have a high praise for the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa departments of Energy & Power ,Planning & Development and Industries, Commerce & Technical Education and its entities, KPOGCL & KP TEVTA for providing a well-coordinated support for putting on track the project “Establishment of Institute of Petroleum Technology (IPT) Karak” and congratulate the project team & the faculty for the momentous achievements after passing by a thorny journey as usual in case of a new technological project. I am confident that all will continue to play their roles with the spirit to strengthen IPT further such that it is able to provide quality technical education and research opportunities to the younger generation to meet the challenges of the fast track global technological innovations.

We are confident of the institute success with support of the Energy & Power Department and Planning & Development Department Government of KP, KPOGCL and KP-TEVTA  and blessing of the Almighty Allah.